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Massimiliano Allegri defended Juventus's surprise after a 2-1 win over Cagliari in Serie A.

Juventus have come under fire following their Champions League defeat to Villarreal last week after a late defeat in the Champions League.

However, Allegri, who saw his side move five points behind Serie A leaders Milan after a hard-fought victory in Sardinia, believes such critics are focusing too much on the results.

"I do not like to lose, so I prefer to be criticized when I play badly, but I still win. No one remembers the performance last Sunday, I just remember Inter Milan marching towards Scudetto, no matter how they played," Allegri told Sky Sport Italia.

"You never knew they were going to transform into tonight's game. The funny thing is, you're the first person in the media to talk about beautiful football, but you're the first person to focus on the result.

"Up to 75 minutes against Villarreal. Websites and social media have all praised Juventus' performance.

"It does not make sense. The performance is the same, the result is different. I'm happy to hear the criticism, but some of it goes a little too far and is annoying.

"It's not just about us, but in general, in the world of football in general, people will talk about football in ABC in the coming years, hoping that Italy will win the World Cup four times, like the first contact, and our style, but after 15 years of following Guardiola's style, he has not changed."

Matthijs de Light and Dusan Vlahovic scored the winning goals in the 75th minute, with Juventus taking three points after Joachim L ပီpero led Cagliari early.

Milan and Napoli will play Torino and Fiorentina, who are one point behind Inter Milan and Rossoni.

Allegri further denied that Scudetto's push was too late for Juventus.

"We lost the clash with Inter Milan, which will have Scudetto goals," he said. "We need to be realistic, especially as they keep Inter Milan as their favorite in the defense.

"Normally, when you play 16 games and run to the light at the end of the tunnel, the disappearance will shake a team as usual, so this is a very dangerous game, especially with injured players suspended.

"We need to regroup in fourth place tonight and win the last two rounds well."

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