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Fiorentina vs Empoli - 5:00 PM

Thiago Almada did not receive the same number of lights as Atlanta United's first start, but earlier hints have suggested he could be a star for the club.

The Argentina international scored a brace against CF Montreal before the start of the international break. Almada is the best way to introduce him to new supporters.

Most of the MLS have been rested for internationals after two weeks of training, with Gonzalo Pineda sent off Almada after Saturday's 1-0 away win over DC United and seeing what the midfielder will look like. It really fits in with the structure of Atlanta United.

All - Argentine combination
Almada offered a free run in 10th place, He spent most of his time with Andrew Gutman, and more importantly, Marcelino Moreno.

The two Argentines exchanged only 13 times a night, but their form of connection was impressive. Each provided a clever move to open up space for the other, and Almada played a number of sharp corner cuts to Moreno to put his son in danger ahead of the DC United defense.

In the end, The DC Defender could not be unlocked and Josef Martinez could not be fully incorporated into the game. At the very least, Moreno's late winner is not associated with a descent from Brooks Lennon. However, it is clear that the training and activities of these three respected fighters took place at the training ground to understand each other.

Atlanta United, in particular, had just a moment to shine on Luiz Araujo, who is thought to be waiting for his recovery.

Keep calm under pressure. It is always dangerous.
It's fine to see the early signs of a partnership between Almada and Moreno, but it's worth it. It's the best way to keep an eye on its individual game.

Every time Almada picked up the ball, his head was looking for options. The Argentinian will not be disappointed by the pressure as the DC United players frequently orbit the space. Impressively, there was no Almada safe area where he fell deep when he needed to watch more football, but Atlanta United tried to keep him high when needed in the final third round.

Almada created three chances that night. It was the end of the biggest game that's danced across the DC United defense to build Jackson Conway, who could endure his efforts in the biggest of circumstances.

I'm sure, In Saturday's game, Almada's influence on creativity was slightly reduced in the second half, with Conway sidelined. But it's to be expected from a young player who is still practicing in new teams and countries. Quality of Almada: Precise transit; With a brilliant show and 360 vision - only 90 minutes left until complete entertainment is released.

Resistance rate
Regardless of height and star level, each player needs to fit into a broader team structure. Only as strong as your weakest links. Almada quickly dismissed any worries about not being able to defend the defense or suffering a severe run on Saturday.

The 20-year-old has made eight saves; 3 face-to-face meetings; It ended with one intermission and one air battle. The numbers are strong, but even more impressive is the fact that Almada did those eight defenses in its half. He tried to stop Griffin Yow after the game and pulled out a yellow card.

As Atlanta United's No. 10, Almada could easily be forgiven for not looking back or helping his team defend - next to Josef Martinez. However Former Velez maintains his Five Stripes form and can be seen running from time to time to help his teammates.

I promise.
Is it a complete 10/10 feature from Thiago Almada? No, it is not. But that's a big promise. The most expensive player in Major League Soccer has shown his true qualities, creating openings and closings, constantly looking for the ball, no matter how small, and stepping up to help his team get a clean sheet.

Atlanta United has one of the brightest stars from here.

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