Manchester City vs Atlético Madrid Highlight

Ralf Rangnick has hinted at a move to bring Manchester United officials back to the top of the football ladder.

United have fallen behind rivals Liverpool and Manchester City in recent years and have been accused of having no plans to turn back.

The current interim manager, Rangnic, will take over as consultant at the end of the season and will use his experience to bring some of the necessary orders back to Old Trafford back to the boardroom.

But before taking over, Rangnic revealed that he had told United four things they needed to do on their own.

These four points are: improving long-term savings and building a roster for a new manager; Prioritizing players who are more technical than technical; Before signing, take a look at the player's personality and accept that it is not a short-term job.

"Manchester City and Liverpool have been working together for five or more years under the commitment of the coaches," said Rangnic. "I told the board it had to be (at United).

"Whenever the new coach is clear, How does he want to play? What kind of player do you need for that? Then we have DNA, Speed Physical; Return to tempo. What do we need? This team can be more physically fit without the players.

"You need to [clearly] make the right decisions about where you want to go - what kind of player, Do you want a manager? And try to be the best you can be during each transition. This is rocket science. It has to be done; If that happens, Three or four years are not required. It may be in two or three transfer windows; Then the situation may be different. "

According to Rangnick, United cited a number of examples in Saturday's draw with Leicester City, which needed to be more intense.

"We do not think we have no character, but in some parts of the game it is clear that we are the second best in terms of physicality.

"We have to compete one game at a time. During the counterattack, they both talked about the two times they kicked us twice, and within two seconds [the goal was scored] and so on. Every time we came in contact with the body, we were the second best. That's something we have to do better next season, but even better for next season.

"There were a few other moments when I felt we were more active, more physical, more aggressive.

"[Saturday] it was difficult, even though we were talented and could surpass other teams on the day we showed our past in the style of Ritz. Leicester were tough and strong in many parts of the game and we had problems with them. It is difficult to change. It has nothing to do with attitude. "It also has to do with the players' DNA." 

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