Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Brighton & Hove Albion (8:30 PM)

City boss Guardiola insists it's not much to say about how the calendar is set and insists it is a matter of coordination with top managers.

Guardiola has suggested he would leave the Premier League to live comfortably under a palm tree.

"I always sympathize with Liverpool's concerns," said Guardiola, smiling at Klopp.

"How many times have we discussed what happened? I said I did not want to say that. Nothing will change.

"It will not change because the TV presenters are thinking about what to do to get more viewers," he said. Not because of what the players need or the teams.

"Yes, I understand. But what can I say? I have said many times that I will not solve the problem. Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the most important figures in the history of English football, and he lamented when he thought about it. A teenager.

"Nothing has changed, so do not ask me. Stop asking these questions to the managers. Go to the Premier League and the broadcasts and ask why. As a manager we want the best for our players.

"We focus on the players' recovery for three or four games. Do not ask these questions again because it is a waste of time and nothing will change.

"We played Atletico Madrid and three days later we played Liverpool at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final.

"Chelsea can play on Tuesday and play on Saturday, but do you think they can play on Sunday? No, it is not. Because Liverpool will play United next Tuesday.

"Everyone has their own business to defend. We have to adapt. If they play on Saturday, we will play on Saturday. We will play on Tuesday. We will play on Tuesday. We will play on Thursday. We will play on Thursday. No matter what.

"If you are not satisfied, go home and do not be a Manchester City manager. Go to another league in the Maldives, the Maldives, play one game a week and live under a coconut, it is perfect.

"But it does not matter. You are playing at 12:30 pm. Sorry Liverpool, but I have nothing to do with it."

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