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Roma coach Jose Mourinho believes Roma should have been sent off in the 1-1 draw with Napoli in the Serie A draw.

Mourinho has advised officials to fight for Serie A title after the game, after Stephan El Shaarawy's last-minute goal sealed a valuable point for Giallorossi.

After Lorenzo Insigne scored the eighth penalty of the season, Roma set an 80-minute record for the highest number of players in Europe's top five leagues this season.

However, Al-Sharawi's goal kept Roma five points clear of fourth-placed Juventus, who represented the winger in the final minute of the Serie A season more than any other player.

But Mourinho has disappointed those in charge.

"There are teams playing to beat Scudetto, we do not," Mourinho told DAZN. "But we still have a chance to play for our opponents, whether they are fighting for Scudetto or a relegation-threatened team.

"It was as if we did not have a chance to win today. [VAR] Mr Di Paolo; [Referee] Mr Di Bello embarrassed me at least twice, [Napoli defender Alexandre] Zanoli was not given a red card and [Roma striker Nicolas] Zaniolo was not awarded a penalty.

"Fortunately, they (officials) did not find anything in our goal to undo it.

"Unfortunately, we did not do well at the start of the season and may not be able to beat Scudetto now, but we still want to have a chance to win games."

Mourinho praised Al-Sharawi when he scored the equalizer and said he was "proud" to have won 12 Serie A games without Roma.

"I am delighted with Al-Shabaab's goal," Mourinho said.

"We played very well and improved during the game. Our team was very good and these guys are proud of me. "Today's pitch is like Everest for us. "I wanted more quality, character, incredible physical and mental condition, but I did my best."

For Napoli Coach Luciano Spalleti has admitted that it is not difficult to get back to one point in their last two games, representing the first Scudetto striker since Diego Maradona era, a blow to their hopes.

But Spalletti focused on Mourinho's behavior.

"From the first minute I was told to do my seat well," Spelletti said. "Even today we are all sitting on the bench.

"The other teams seem to be playing at home, everyone is jumping. I'm not just talking about Roma, I're talking in general. Let us sit down and let the referees do what they have to do."

For the first time since the 1994-95 season, Napoli and Roma have drawn both of their matches in the same Serie A season, with a goalless draw last October.

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