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England manager Gareth Southgate has backed a proposal to make changes to the squad for the 2022 World Cup.

FIFA is expected to increase its squad for the tournament in Qatar by 26 from 23 to Euro 2020.

Qualified country coaches are urging Southgate and other coaches to place 15 players in their squad after the Euro 2020 rules, leaving three players out of their fixtures.

England will face Iran for the first time in their 16th World Cup on November 21. Wales The group stage campaign will start before the end, with matches against either Scotland or Ukraine.

At a recent meeting, Southgate insisted that the coaches were united in their desire to allow every member of the team to meet in Qatar.

"I think everyone is saying that as the teams get bigger, everyone needs to be able to change on the day of the game," said Southgate.

"It was unanimous in the [coaches' meeting] in the room. Whether it needed a bigger team ... Originally for COVID-19, people are now talking about the effects of the milk game.

"I still think it's a bigger skill to pick 23 and implement it all," he said. But I think that decision will be 26.

"But I think everyone has it for every game."

Southgate highlighted some of the difficulties in managing a team in an international competition, and noted the "challenge" of having players involved as a reason why some coaches did not choose to take on extra players.

"In mid-November or in the next few weeks, you will have some difficult conversations," Southgate said. "It was like this last summer," he said.

"When you choose a team, it's even more challenging when there are 11 happy people and 15 sad ones.

"So you do not have to take 26. I know Luis Enrique was not there last year [Spain took 24 players for Euro 2020] - how can we think about the situation with Covid? We could get injured."

England are the only European team to reach the semi-finals of the last two major international competitions (2018 World Cup and Euro 2020), with 39 goals in Qatar, conceding just one goal. Three.

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