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Los Angeles - Los Angeles Dodgers actress Clayton Kershaw woke up Thursday morning wondering what might have happened to baseball fans across the country as they watched as baseball fans across the country were pulled out of the finish line last afternoon.

"But at the end of the day, it feels like the right decision now," Kershaw said. "I can not go back now."

Kershaw was dragged out with just six appearances left for the first complete game of his celebrity career. He shot only 80 yards, recorded 13 times, and ran the Minnesota Twins' quick run in the bottom seven.

However, after a brief spring training session, he spent the winter of October missing out on baseball due to an elbow injury but missed his debut season.

Kershaw publicly defended the decision after the end of Wednesday's trip, and sounded the same tone before Dodgers' home opener on Thursday, but acknowledged that the younger version had handled it differently.

His manager agreed.

"Absolutely," says Dave Roberts. "Clayton has grown up as a man and as a footballer. His life has completely changed. It's easy, he will react differently."

Kershaw, now 34, is the second player in major league history to be eliminated after completing at least seven games in perfect form. Another, his former teammate Rich Hill, was released on September 10; In 2016, he made 89 appearances for the Miami Marlins and made seven appearances, suffering a similar fate. Robert also removed Hill. He said he was protected from the ongoing bladder problems but later felt "stuck in his stomach" about the decision.

Roberts seems to be calmer about Kershaw.

"I want to think we are all baseball fans," he said. "I know, so the fans want to see good moments. I understand that. Clayton wanted to see good moments for himself, but I could not pack a team and manage my fans."

Others Many strongly objected to the way they portrayed themselves on social media. Despite the circumstances, Roberts's decision was widely seen as a reflection of why modern, light-hearted fans continue to avoid playing baseball, and the overuse of pottery - like the proliferation of high-definition analysis - has been discontinued. The sport of the soul;

Tampa Bay Rays's Kevin Cash manager Roberts removed Blake Snell from Blake Snell from World Series 6 during a similar debate on October 27, 2020, as he watched the Dodgers win back, and hold on to his bullpen and title.

"As a fan, I want to finish the game," Kershaw said. "From the audience's point of view, I'm sorry. I wish it all the best, but not just yesterday."

Kershaw spent 10 weeks recovering from pain in the elbow joint in the second half of last season, declining in the early stages of recovery. He returned in mid-September and experienced similar discomfort during the first few days before and after the start of the season. He took a hard walk from Dodger Stadium that night and was not seen playing again that season, seeing the Atlanta Bras, especially the Dodgers, eliminate the Dodgers in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Kershaw, who agreed almost immediately after the lockout was lifted on March 11, has been linked with a move to the Dodgers on a one-year deal worth $ 17 million. He started the Cactus League four times, which is the equivalent. On April 7, I played five times while training and felt good throughout. However, those matches did not exceed 75 pitches.

Asked how he's risking trying to complete the perfect game, Kershaw said: "I have no idea. I'll be fine for the rest of the season after nine games. No one knows I was injured the day after yesterday's two games, but now I feel like this is a valid claim for my personal health."

Three-time Cy Young Award winner and one-time MVP winner Kershaw Exactly in 2014. It would have been a perfect game that night if he had completed a no-brainer and had not been shot by Hanley Ramirez's mistake. Kershaw had such equipment on Wednesday, hitting his speedball at an average speed of 91.8 miles per hour, shocking 63% of the sliders that shook it. When Gavin Lux builds a medium to lightweight finish to finish seventh. The possibility of a complete game is a real experience for Kershaw. After a while, Roberts informed him that he was done.

A game with a long history of complete baseball has to wait.

"It's very special - I do not accept that," Kershaw said. "I understand the history of the game. I understand the game of baseball. There have been only about 20 things in history, so I understand, but as I said yesterday, the individual things are not why." I want to win. "It simply came to our notice then.

New York Mets manager Terry Collins was in a similar situation when Johan Santana was finally allowed to leave without a 134-yard field goal. Santana, the only non-combatant in Max history, struggled for another 10 games that year and later underwent a second shoulder operation and never did it again.

The opposite happened when Joe Terry fired David Conte seven times without injuring him. After several weeks, He dominated the Braves in Game 3 of the World Series, helping the New York Yankees to a two-match unbeaten streak in the final. Kershaw expects a similar result.

"From the audience's point of view, it's hard to swallow," Kershaw said, adding that his complete game was not over. "I hope something makes sense when we win the World Cup in October."

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