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"Jurgen Klopp is" more than ever "and" the perfect leader for the modern Liverpool ", according to club owner Fenway Sports Group.

Liverpool on Thursday announced the renewal of the contract of their successful manager.

Clapp's previous contract is set to run until the end of the 2023-24 season, but he has revealed that he has two years left on his contract at Anfield.

Premier League The remaining EFL trophies have been collected in the Champions League and FA Cup, and this is the fourth time this season that they have won the Champions League.

Klopp has won both the league and Europe's top club competitions in previous seasons, and Fenway Sports Group believes Fenway Sports Group will lead them ahead.

FSG President Mike Gordon said: "It has always been difficult for us to find the right words to adequately reflect Jurgen's importance and support for our club, but today's announcement really speaks for itself.

"But apart from my colleagues John [Henry] and Tom [Werner], I can personally say that Jurgen is the perfect leader for modern Liverpool.

"It simply came to our notice then. That's right on and off the pitch. He also has to do with the leader and who he was.

"We are blessed with the most valuable resources that an organization can provide to our wonderful people, thanks to our excellent playing field, excellent coaches, world-class football team and brilliant club staff."

"Everything he has said publicly about his future in the past is reflected in his secret words, and it is clear he is more energetic than ever before.

"Our final agreement gives us an opportunity throughout the organization, especially to extend our commitment to renewal, retention and, if possible, renewal whenever possible."

"As Jurgen himself put it, Billy Hogan and his team-mates have incredible talent across the club.

"It's an incredible pool of depth and absolute promise," he said.

"Jurgen wants to brighten our future as a big statement in our present. We can not rest or unite.

"We have to think about progress all the time and not only share our vision and goals, but also with the knowledge that we can retain a manager," he said.

"For all these reasons, it's exciting to know that Jurgen Klopp will take us into this new era."

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