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A team including former Chelsea captain John Terry has backed Stephen Pagliuca's offer to take over at Stanford Bridge, including NBA chairman Larry Tanbum.

A statement from the True Blues Consortium, which includes other former Blues players between Terry and its founders, expressed confidence in the Pagliuca-led ownership offer led by NBA club Boston Celtics and Atalanta.

In the meantime, Pagliuca, who praised the public for the True Blues Group, confirmed the involvement in NBA chief Tanenbaum's offer, reported earlier this week.

True Blues, which announced its intention to bid for a minority stake in the club last month, has announced its support for the now-67-year-old.

"We have been able to work with Steve and Larry recently for a long time because we [negotiated] with them and won the goodwill of all the bidders," the group said in a statement to Sky News.

"I found out about their offer. We believe again that they are in tune with the Chelsea fans. No doubt you have experience in the field owned by sports teams.

"We feel the club is in a lucky position with the latest bidders and look forward to continuing discussions with them."

Pagliuca made his first public appearance on Tuesday on Tuesday, promising never to include the club in the revived European Super League, suggesting that Stamford Bridge be remodeled or included in his plans.

The 67-year-old co-owner of US private equity firm Bain Capital released another statement on Wednesday thanking True Blues for their support.

"We welcome the support and encouragement of the True Blues Consortium, an organization dedicated to Chelsea FC, and focus on representing the club's fan interest," ESPN said in a statement.

Confirming Tanenbaum's involvement, Pagliuca called the NBA chief "a world-renowned figure in the global sports community."

"His experience in sports governance, his long-term vision and urban development skills are a huge asset to our team," he said.

If Pagliuca succeeds in taking over the ownership of Roman Abramovich's club, he has promised to operate "quietly, with integrity" and has confirmed that the offer will be formalized this week.

"This is a frustrating time for the football team and the fans," he added. "Throughout my life and career, my ethics have always been consistent and honest, and let my actions and results be heard aloud.

"However, To emphasize how serious we are about our potential role for Chelsea. It is essential to clarify and guarantee our bidding group and its proponents.

"This week we will submit our much-anticipated big and credible bid, and we look forward to fulfilling our commitment to the relevant terms and conditions of the Premier League, UK Government and UEFA and the trust and good management of Chelsea Football Club. From day one."

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