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A separate investigation by the NHL Players Association found no "individual error or organizational error" in its handling of 2010's Chicago's video coach Brad Aldrich or others by its executive director Donald Fehr or others. .

The 20-page review, created by Toronto-based law firm Cozen O'Connor, shared by NHLPA on its social media channel on Friday, found that there was some miscommunication and misunderstanding in its handling of NHLPA's Beach allegations. He concluded that "there is no individual or systemic fault."

"After a thorough examination of contemporary records," Cozen O'Connor's report states: "Individuals' respective memories, NHLPA or SABH program, to individual policies, or affiliations to the policies and procedures set forth in the [players] union at the time, we may not identify indirectly or indirectly or indirectly or indirectly, the policies or procedures of the Fehr, NHLPA staff or SABH program. "

Cozen O'Connor reviews Beach's allegations of federal response, including "thousands of emails, phone recordings reviews, SABH [Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health] programs for the SABH [Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health] program and 11 interviews with NHL Hotline." However Former Blackhawks player Cozen O'Connor, who is anonymous on the beach, declined to be interviewed for allegedly engaging in inappropriate conversations with Aldrich.

Earlier this week, representatives of each of the 32 NHL players received a copy of the investigation, and the group voted to release its findings.

An investigation into the union's role suggests that Aldrich's initial allegations of sexual assault during the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs could provide better support for Beach. Beach, 32, was charged with negligence in Chicago last summer and settled in December. Prior to that, In October 2021, the Blackhawks released the findings of an independent investigation into Beach's allegations by law firm Jenner & Block.

Details of Fehr in the report were released at the time of the indictment of Beach's allegations. The NHLPA later formed its own commission of inquiry into Fehr's activities.

The main controversy from Cozen O'Connor from the NHLPA point of view was the discussion between Dr. Brian Shaw [a psychologist and program manager, "about Beach's allegations of" extremely different accounts "sponsored by Fehr and player agent Bob Gurney. NHL / NHLPA Player Assistance Program] and Beach.

According to the company, Gurney said he called Fehr in late 2010 after he was told by Beach that he had hired Aldrich from the Beach in late 2010 to hire Aldrich as a video coach for USA Hockey in connection with a tournament being held later that year. Fehr was recently appointed NHLPA Executive Director, and Gurney felt he wanted to know about Beach's concerns.

Gurney described Cozen O'Connor's investigators as describing Aldrich as a "child" or "sexual victim," but did not give Fehr details of what happened between the beach and Aldrich.

Fehr has denied investigators the call he made since Beach's allegations surfaced.

"Fehr, an experienced lawyer, would be remembered if Gurney described Aldrich as a child prodigy or sexual victim, or asked to contact US hockey," Cozen O'Connor details in his report. "Fehr has stated that no further action can be taken, whether or not to proceed, without disclosing the details of the alleged incident, including whether there was sand or not. Reporting or reporting is being prepared.

"At the same time, a full review of all of Fehr's emails" did not indicate a conversation with Gurney. It extended Fehr's emails to another review over the next few decades, with no connection to Gurney. In addition, The report found that none of Fehr's daily contacts mentioned Gurney or Beach at the time.

According to a Jenner & Block report, there was another incident between Fehr and player agent Joe Resnick. An email contained during the investigation In the April 18 In an email dated 2011, Resnick told Fehr that the executive director was aware of "an incident" involving the beach.

In an interview with Cozen O'Connor, Resnick "did not recall receiving any response to his email and did not find anything in the review of Fehr's emails." Resnick does not recall any subsequent conversations with Fehr.

"Fehr recognized us as he did at Jenner Repo.
rt: Received an email but did not recognize it or follow up with Resnick on the matter. "Also, I do not remember the conversation with Fehr about Aldrich outside of his December 2010 phone call mentioned in Gurney and Jenner."

Cozen O'Connor found in a conversation between Dr. Shaw and Beach that USA Hockey had warned of allegations of Aldrich's past actions, that it was a miscommunication issue.

"All parties involved have emerged from this relationship amid misunderstandings," the report said. "Gurney and Beach leave Gurney and Beach believing that someone has agreed to take responsibility for contacting USA Hockey. Beach needs to keep his secrets, but Resnick believes he is sharing his concerns for a non-sexual abuser, not a coach."

Cozen O'Connor is one of Fehr's lawyers. He concluded that if they were contacted, they would be aware of the seriousness of the allegations.

"Our conclusion," the report continued. "Fehr discussed the issue with others, including NHLPA adviser Steven, because it reminded him of the conversation or did not have any evidence that he had discussed the matter with anyone else.

In an interview with TSN's Rick Westhead last October, he has been outspoken in his criticism of Fehr's actions since revealing himself as John Doe.

"I provided all the details to someone I contacted at NHLPA," he told Beach Westhead. "I believe two people have talked to Don Fehr. One of his jobs is to protect players at all costs. I do not know how to turn the players back on. This is how your leader will be.

2021 On October 28, Fehr has issued his own statement on the Beach crisis.

"Kyle Beach went through a horrible experience and showed real courage in telling his story," Fehr said in October. "There is no doubt that he failed to support his system when needed, and we are part of that system." In his media interview, Mr. Beach reported the details to someone at the NHLPA several months after the incident. Because He refers to one of the programmers [Dr. Brian Shaw, psychologist and program manager with the NHL / NHLPA Player Assistance Program. The program is kept secret between players and doctors, though. The intense nature of this incident should prompt further action on our part. In fact, it was not a major failure. I'm really sorry "We are committed to making sure that it does not happen again."

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