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Valencia vs Cádiz - 11:00 PM

Manchester City will be looking to bounce back from a 2-0 win over Benfica in the Premier League to take a one-point lead at the top of the Premier League table.

Liverpool beat West Bromwich Albion 1-0 on Saturday to extend their lead at the top of the Premier League table.

Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan scored in the opening 25 minutes to give City their 10th straight win over Benfica.

Gabriel Giuseppe missed a chance to lead Manchester City, but narrowly missed a game ahead of Liverpool's Etihad Stadium clash on April 10, leaving City without the risk of a relegation.

Jurgen Klopp's men put in a little effort to beat dangerous opponents down the line, and City were almost out of control from the start - Burnley had the first chance but Josh Brownhill's third-minute Ederson overtook Ederson but widened.

City took the lead more than two minutes after Raheem Sterling's cross was cleared by Raheem Sterling after De Bruyne traversed Nick Pope.

Two of the same players combined for City's second leg, with Stalin playing two on the right and eliminating Stalin in order to defeat Gundogan, and Kevin avoided the path slightly past the pope.

At the start of the second half, after a series of Pope's defenses, Burnley suffered an improved spell, but Ederson failed miserably, possibly three times after an unsuccessful effort by City substitute Jesus.

Jesus would be surprised to find that Connor Roberts did not get on the goal list after kicking the ball back and forth with another ball.

what do you mean? The reds receded.

Liverpool have not finished a day at the top of the table since October 1 and will have to wait until at least next Sunday. City have dropped by three points in their last seven games due to their high standards, but have been frustrated by Southampton. He seems determined to make sure Burnley is not named after Spurs and Crystal Palace.

With his side set to meet Liverpool and Atletico Madrid twice in each of the three games, Pep Guardiola will no longer have to work hard to recover from a tiring victory. Burnley was four points behind safety.

De Bruyne is back in top form.

He ended his season with a hamstring injury in the Champions League final in 2020-21, and it was a season he struggled with before moving to Euro 2020. He has scored two goals in his first 10 league games without conceding a goal.

But since then he has scored eight goals and created three more, once again as a key figure for City. With Sterling and Riyad Mahrez; De Bruyne is now their all-time leading goalscorer with 10 goals in the league.

Is Manchester City still missing a striker?

One of the worries for Manchester City is the loss of record scorer Sergio Aguero and the absence of their center-back. Liverpool have three players who have scored more than 10 goals this season.

City share goals, but only one of the club's nominees, Jessup, has scored twice. In the 26th minute, he scored four goals in the game against Banley, but the goal was not scored.

Key Opta Facts

For the first time since May 2015, Ben Lay has not lost in four consecutive Premier League games. Manchester City have dropped just one point from their Premier League campaign this season and have won all 23 of their matches so far. led. No team has ever been through the Premier League without losing a point. This is the second time De Bruyne has scored twice in the Premier League this season (13 in 2019-20). Aymeric Laporte has completed 100 Premier League appearances, his 82nd victory, the most by any player in their first 100 appearances in tournament history. De Bruyne became only the 10th player to make 200 Premier League appearances for Manchester City, surpassing Belgium (139) in his first 200 Premier League appearances for the club (140).

What is the next one?

City welcome Atletico on Tuesday at Etihad Stadium and Liverpool on Sunday, but it will be a big week for Banley. They travel to West Bromwich Albion after hosting Everton for the second time this season.

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