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Tottenham Hotspur: A 3-1 home win over Leicester at home ended in a goalless draw.

The short-lived victories over Brighton and Brantford have left Arsenal without a character, with the recent resurgence of Tottenham Hotspur having the upper hand in the Champions League quarter-finals.

However, Antonio Conte's men returned to winning ways on Sunday, eventually dismissing Leicester and running away with the game after the Super II show.

Cristian Romero has a flawless back-to-back vocals, and the impact of Dejan Kulusevski on the bench is significant.

However, Sun Hongmin, a headline producer from north London, has scored 19 Premier League goals this season, breaking his previous record of 17 goals last season.

Sun has scored three goals behind Mohamed Salah, who is set to travel to Liverpool next week for the Golden Boot, and South Korea are the league's top scorers in the opening game, though not officially.

In a season of attacking midfielders (even with Hurricanes and his own team scoring just once before mid-December), Son has insisted he is a benefactor of the wild and purple squares, but a consistent figure throughout.

Sun's longest goalless draw in the Premier League this season has been just four games and a tough run (especially in the last days of Nuno Espirito Santo and Antonio Conte's first guardian).

Spurs' number seven has doubled in the last nine seasons in his last ten seasons, and his only disappearance in his debut season when he often started on the bench in North London. Again His mismatched complaints are baseless.

It is possible that his goals have not yet been brought to the forefront of the team. The idea of ​​two-legged striker Sun, one of the most executed players in Europe over the last decade, may boast a higher unification rate than the average striker - his expectations are a little too high. But the numbers are not lies and the numbers say you are the top scorer without question.

After the match, Sun said he was not worried about his goalscoring form but focused on the team's success. In fact, it's a performance that's best served on the side that now relies on him to carry the scoring burden.

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