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Lyon advance to next month's Champions League final with a 5-3 victory over local rivals PSG in the Champions League final next month.

Ada Hegerberg's early header was eventually cleared by Marie-Antoinette Katoto. Wendie Renard proved to be the final decision before scoring twice.

Lyon did not need to stay together for long as Hegerberg headed in an unbeaten header from PSG goalkeeper Barbora Votikova, who had already won the first leg 3-2. The Norwegian saw Selma Bacha's cross from the left and cut the ball back into the net.

Votikova took a one-on-one with the goalkeeper when he picked up the ball from the toe of Delphine Cascarino, who had beaten Lyon 2-0 near the end of the first half and beaten goalkeeper Amanda Ilestedt in the foot race.

Renard has another chance to take the lead with a free-kick in the corner. In the closing stages of the first half, a series later got worse at PSG, but was eventually cleared.

Shortly after taking a break, Christiane Endler's blood-soaked PSG provided a way back through Kadidiatou Diani, but Renard was at risk of spreading the danger.

Hegerberg thought he had been shot dead by Lyon at the moment when he threw the ball with his head and a second ball into the net. But shouts erupted around the Parc des Princes when it was previously rejected by the VAR review as a stray ball.

At the start of the first half, Catato, who was very hungry for service, started the game when PSG's total deficit was cut back into a single goal. Both Sara Dabritz and Diani were involved in the mission to get back to Katoto's path after saving Sandy Baltimore's efforts.

The whole game could be shaken by the moment Sakina Karchaoui led PSG to a standstill on the night when the ball had a good edge. But as he tried to lift Endler, the Chilean stopper rushed to a halt.

Reynolds headed in a free-kick from Bacha, who was taller than PSG. It calmed Lyon's nerves and thwarted the home side's last goal.

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