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Manchester City are three points adrift of Liverpool on Sunday, but Pep Guardiola have yet to conclude a place in the Premier League.

United legend Gary Neville, who believes center-back Rubin Diaz suffered the injury in City's 5-0 win over Newcastle, has given Jagan Clap's Liverpool hope.

Liverpool drew 1-1 at home to Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, with Raheem Stalin comfortably beating Manchester City and beating Raheem Stalin 2-0 the next day.

City have won three of their last three Premier League games, beating Liverpool by four points less than 64.

However, Neville has been quoted in The Gary Neville Podcast as saying: "Manchester City are facing challenging tournaments against West Ham and Wolfsburg and the title race is not over as they face Aston Villa at home to win the title.

"I believe Wolves or West Ham can shock Manchester City."

"I'm going to go to a team that has a system that could hurt City because of Rubin Diaz 'injury. Both teams will have had good seasons. City have to do their best.

"The alliance with the Central Guard has disappeared. Injury boosts Liverpool's chances I think there is something left in this trophy.

"If City can get through the next two stages, they will win. Wolfsburg or West Ham have been linked with a move to Manchester City, but it is not over.

"If Liverpool had to choose two away games to send Manchester City, it could be Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, but then West Ham and Wolfsburg.

"Manchester United have joined and Chelsea have been relegated. There is a lot of play to be done later. :

"I do not think Liverpool will lose points. They will do the job.

"Everyone who finishes first and second does not say that someone else blew the whistle or that the bottle broke. These two groups will never disappoint their work and attitude. As a professional, it is always a good thing to be well-prepared.

"These two teams are very good. They care about their work, their attitude and their morals. As always, there were no mistakes under Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp."

On the other side of the table, Leeds United went into the relegation zone for the first time after beating Arsenal 2-1 and Leicester City 2-1.

Neville has acknowledged that Jesse Marsch's leagues are now popular for playing alongside Watford and Norwich City, especially after the involuntary dismissal of Luke Ayling.

"I'm really scared for Leid," he added. "They are the favorites to come down. Everything that can go wrong, Stuart Dallas, Luke Ayling, lacks the spirit and energy of the club. They are great players. What Ayling did will cost them.

"We'll see what happens, but we have a points race, a good top-4 race and an attractive relegation battle.

"We are eager to go down. The financial loss is huge. The downfall is huge and a club is in trouble.

"It would be terrible. The difference between staying at a Premier League club and being relegated is သူတို့ 120 million if they do not sell a player.

"It's not right that the cliff is steep. It's a huge collapse. But it's the Premier League."

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