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After Chelsea's 1-0 defeat to Everton on Sunday, Thomas Tuchel has admitted that Chelsea are in danger of relegation from the top four.

Frank Lampard's Toffees snatched a crucial victory in their first attempt to avoid relegation from the Premier League, with Richardson scoring the decisive goal late in the game.

Chelsea created a number of chances but Everton were able to break free under pressure at Goodison Park, but were denied three miraculous saves by Jordan Pitford.

Chelsea are guaranteed a place in the top four but have won just one of their last four league games, and are under pressure from Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Tuchel claims he never felt completely safe.

"of course, "It's always been like that," he told reporters.

"I said weeks ago that I was not safe. We were never safe. By the way, in the race for the top one, the top two or the top four, it would never be enough to get four points to win the last four.

"We have to take care of ourselves. At the moment we can play well and not get more deserved points. "When we win, we lose."

The waste of Cesar Azpilicueta's ball eventually led to Everton's winning streak, and in recent weeks individual mistakes have become a major issue for Chelsea.

Such mistakes and how to eliminate them? Tuchel is at a loss.

"What do I have to do? The ball is free, and you have to concede a goal. This can happen to you in the worst case scenario. It happens often.

"If I could do something I would try, but if I knew I would have done it before. I think the key is to have a clean sheet. United were a different game, more open, more quality and more space and we lost immediately with a late goal.

"For me, it was more like a game against West Ham. The opposition struggled to get a place in the first half, but they got a clean sheet against West Ham and made no big mistakes.

"It gives you the opportunity to score late goals. If you run after an opponent like that and have the same feelings and confidence as your opponent in a stadium like this, you will struggle."

Referee Kevin Friend issued a total of eight yellow cards and suffered an injury.

Everton's hostility has been met with criticism of Tuchel's handling of the game, but it has not caused much trouble.

"No, no, we expect to be [hostile to Everton]," he said. I'm glad to have a referee - they're gone a long way. He decided to manage the event. I'm not too happy either, but in his own way.

"So it is important that you do not make mistakes, build confidence and stay focused."

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