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Interim Manchester United manager Ralf Rangnick has ruled out a move for a new striker in late January, despite the club having no choice.

Anthony Martial arrived in Sevilla on loan and when Mason Greenwood was arrested in late January, the number of Red Devils plummeted.

Rangnick asked the board to sign the necessary cover due to these omissions, but his appeal was heard.

"I still believe we should try to bring in a striker within those 48 hours," Rangnic said. "The board (at the time) saw it that way - they agreed - but at the same time they spoke to the Scouts.

Anthony Marshall knew Mason was no longer available and should have tried to sign a player within the next 48 hours, and Anthony Marshall may have left on loan. But we did not get it. I should have pushed harder to get it. Another striker.

"At that time, the answer was 'No,' There is no player in the market who can really help us. '

However, Rangnic has taken out a number of available names for United rivals in the same window: "Some are Diaz, who is now at Liverpool. Alvarez will be at Manchester City this summer. Vlahovic has been linked with a move to Manchester City this summer. Time is with Fiorentina.

"So these are the three of them that came to my mind. The answer is no.

"I talked to the board and said, 'Should we at least analyze and find out if at least one player can sign a permanent contract?' In the end, there is no answer.

"They do not want to do winter [business]. 48 hours is 48 hours. At least try to have a domestic discussion. We do not."

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