12 July, 2022 (Tue)

Man United vs Liverpool (7:30 PM) - S1
Denmark vs Finland (10:30 PM) - S2
Germany vs Spain (1:30 AM) - S2

Massimiliano Allegri saved Dusan Vlahovic's performance in Juventus' shock 2-1 defeat to Genoa in Serie A on Friday. Serbia's Blavovic was unhappy on the bench after being replaced by Alvaro Morata in the 74th minute when Marasi and Juventus were replaced by Paulo de Bale. However, Albert Gudmundsson equalized and Domenico Criscito completed an incredible turn for the relegated Genoa, who stopped six minutes into the second half. Vlahovic has scored just 25 goals during his time on the pitch, but Allegri has praised the 22-year-old's performances. Juventus coach Clapp says the striker resigned on Wednesday after missing just one eye in the Coppa Italia final against Inter Milan in the Coppa Italia final.

"He had one of his best tactical games and I really enjoyed his tactical play," Allegri told Sky Sport Italia. "I have tried to explain before, but I was attacked as if I had destroyed Vlahovic. He has not played much in Serie A and needs to be balanced. Sometimes I say, but I do not understand. Understand "He may not realize it is a good performance, but gradually he will find a balance. He will find the ability to play at the right mental level. These are the steps he has to take.

"I feel guilty for not scoring, but it did not happen. I would say he plays very well. It would be good for the team if he always played like this. Moise Kean made his Serie A debut on March 12 but failed to find the back of the net six minutes before Criscito scored, including two goals. "Sometimes you can score with half a chance, you can not score five or six chances tonight, sometimes the situation is good and sometimes you have a lot of chances and sometimes you can not score," said Allegri.

"He has a lot of experience, but sometimes he does a lot - he has to play simple and not spend too much energy on cars that really do not help the team." Six days after the Criscito penalty, Genoa missed a penalty one point behind Salernitana and Serie A, and lost 1-0 to Sampdoria in the 96th minute. "The football gave it, took it. It gave me a lot tonight. I was incredibly excited after last weekend's disappointment," Criscito told DAZN. "I came to Genoa in 2001. This is my life. I enjoy living here. I love Genoa."

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