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Women's football

 Women's football has improved. Tickets for the Women's Eight European Championship final, to be held on July 31, 2022 at Wembley Stadium, went on sale less than an hour ago. The competition could break the record for the most men or women in any of the eight European Championships. The second leg of the UEFA Women's Champions League quarter-final between Barcelona and Real Madrid was played on March 30, 2022, with 91,553 spectators. This is the largest crowd watching a club women's football match.

Women's World Cup

In the UK The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup is a turning point. The women's soccer team received a lot of positive media coverage. She praised the achievements of women athletes at the 2012 London Olympics. The semi-professional (now fully professional) behind the FA Women's Super League and many other developments since 2015, including sports across England. Girl Can Media Campaign. People are coming out to find out why women football fans are so popular. Interviews were conducted with 59 adults in England and 53 women in the United Kingdom and 53 women in the United States who attended the 2019 Women's World Cup Live.

Big events

For our interviewers, Women's football - especially at the Olympics and the Women's World Cup - is a major route for the masses. 91% of US and 69% of English speakers discussed such incidents. In most cases, Some fans attended live broadcasts but experienced the incident on television. Our respondents often refer to nearby events, such as the 1999 Women's World Cup or the 2012 London Olympics. When asked how she first became a female football fan, Chrissie (21, England) said: Looking at the 2012 Olympics, Yes, I had never really heard of it before. I do not remember it on television. She remembered her "interest" in the game and later looked for opportunities to watch women's football.

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Online fandom

Websites Less than a quarter of the fans we mentioned said their fandom was evolving through online sites such as live streaming services and social media. For some of the youngest audiences, Women's interest in football began with social media sites. Felicity (25, England) has become a fan of the England women's national team and local women's Super League as she transcends The Fan Platform's digital platform. She explains: I know that. Oh God! There are other women who like football. They are my age. This is crazy. ... This is the first time I've been able to hang out with other women when it comes to football.


Becoming a female football fan for 42% of American fans and 16% of English fans is associated with playing football. Importantly, we find that this path is limited to women. As a female athlete, she became interested in women's sports. for example, Abigail, 24, of the United States, says: "I remember growing up as a girl playing football. Part of the DNA of being a female football player at the time was the consciousness of Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly. Brandi Chastain and they are role models for us.

female football fans

In our study, 26% of all US fans and 18% of English fans were recruited by female football fans. Usually girls or women are very interested in football. It accounts for less than half of all men in the total sample. Previous studies have found that family members and men often act as gatekeepers for sports enthusiasts. Our research adds another important response. Women can now become the main gatekeepers in the women's sport. Among the English people involved in our research, Some fans of the professional men's team are loyal to the women of the same club (27% of English fans). In addition, Some English fans (10%) stated that their fandom started when they attended local women's club events that were not based on where they lived.

 Goal of women's football

Our research shows how important media coverage is in leading people to become women football fans. This means that respectable media coverage should be the main goal of women's football. Eight European Women's Championships; While women's football may be taken seriously during big events such as the Women's World Cup and the Olympics, these events are an opportunity to provide information on local leagues. This will increase the fan base.

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